Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Cutest Classroom Yet!

I'm linking up with Mrs. D's Corner and Miss V's Busy Bees to share my classroom with you!  

I absolutely love looking at other teachers' classrooms (in person and online!) because they give me ideas for my own.  

When I first saw my classroom in June it looked like this:

I moved in sooo many boxes!

It was a lot of work, but I unpacked and got some organizing done.

And now it's 99% complete.

Here is a close up of my front wall. 

The ABC and number posters were created by yours truly, and I have to admit I'm pretty proud of them.  Click here for the ABC posters and here for the numbers.  A few other color schemes are also included, so if yellow doesn't suit your needs look anyway!  I love the bright colors and clear pictures.

I got these super cute schedule cards from Cara at The First Grade Parade.

I think this is my favorite wall in the room.  I love how clean and simple it is!  Aren't the flower vases cute?  The color and shape posters are available on TPT.  Find the colors here and the shapes here.

This is my library.  I bought the bean bags for only $15 at Wal-Mart.  I love how they loook with the purple baskets.  I'm still looking for ways to make the library a little cozier, but it'll do for now!

I'm very happy with my classroom this year!  Hope you're feeling the same way about yours!

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