Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teacher Week: When

How do we fit it all in?  I grapple with this question each week as I plan my lessons.  Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to squeeze in all the things we're supposed to cover!

I loved the visual schedule that Rachel shared on the original Blog Hoppin' post, so I decided to create my own.  A big shout out to Cara Carroll from the First Grade Parade for creating such awesome Schedule Cards.   You can download your own set for FREE!

Schedule Cards {The First Grade Parade}

Here's  a rough idea of what our day looks like. 

Morning Work
When the students arrive in the morning they hang up the backpack, turn in the communication folder, make their lunch choice, grab their Morning Work binder, and get to work.  

Kindergarten Morning Work {The Bundle}

This morning work, created by A Teeny Tiny Teacher, is great because it allows the students to work independently.  The directions are very similar each day, so they know exactly what to do.

Once the bell rings at 8:05 we move into calendar time.  While I complete the calendar pages on the Smart Board, the students complete the same work simultaneously in their Morning Work binders.  Calendar time allows us to review Common Core skills on a daily basis.

It's Calendar Time! Interactive Daily Calendar Book

Our school uses the Envisions curriculum.  We're required to follow it REALLY closely, so I don't have much wiggle room for creativity.  When we have a chance, I like to throw in math-related songs like Dr. Jean's Macarena Count to 100.

One thing I really, really like about our schedule is that our kids have two 15 minute recesses a day.  This gives my squirmy kiddos ample time to run and play.

Big Book
We use Reading Street for our ELA curriculum.  Part of the program includes a weekly big book.   These books gives us an opportunity to discuss comprehension topics such as character, plot, setting, main idea, etc. While we're reading, the kids also get to enjoy a snack.  

Math Stations
My math station time is roughly based on Debbie Diller's ideas.  The students work with a partner to practice math concepts covered during whole group time.  We play a lot of games!  

Daily 5
We complete two rounds of twelve minutes each.  This gives me an opportunity to work with two small groups.

The other two teachers in my cohort and I split our kids based on needs and abilities.  This allows us to differentiate and meet the needs of all of our students.

A second chance to get our wiggles out!


Music, art, PE, library, computers, or counseling.

Science and Social Studies
Last year science and social studies wasn't included in the schedule, so it's pretty exciting that it's back!

Writer's Workshop 
We will begin using the Write Steps curriculum in October.  Until then we'll be practicing writing our names and sight words.  We'll also be talking quite a bit about writing during Daily 5. 

Rest Time
This time gives me an opportunity to assess students.  In December we'll gradually move from resting to a third and fourth round of Daily 5.

Pack Up and Dismissal
It takes a long time at the beginning of the year to get all the kiddos where they need to be at the end of the day!

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