Friday, August 22, 2014

Teacher Week: What

You've learned about me, my classroom, and my schedule.  Now I have the chance to tell you about what I love to teach.

Last year I incorporated Daily 5 into my ELA curriculum and now I can't imagine my classroom without it.  It's seriously one of the greatest things I've ever done.  I love how the Daily 5 encourages independence in my students and puts them in charge of their own learning.

I use all five Daily 5 components in my classroom: 

Read to Self 

Read to Someone 


Work on Writing

and Word Work.

 However, I don't give my students as much choice as recommended.  Instead, I assign the kids two components each day.  This ensures that everyone is doing a little bit of everything.

The Daily 5 is definitely my favorite part of the day (once all the routines are learned) and it quickly becomes the kids' favorite part of the day too.  Last year when field trips or early dismissals kept us from the Daily 5, the students clearly expressed their disappointment.  I thought it was pretty funny when one of my girls said, "Can we skip the zoo and do the Daily 5 instead?"  Now that's engagement!

What do you love to teach?

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